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The Bowfishing Show: T-Bone’s Honey Hole

Travis “T-Bone” Turner steps behind the camera to lay down footage of his buddies taking advantage of their local honey hole. The number of gar they stack up on the outing is equaled only by their love of a visit to the Waffle House. Want more bowfishing action? Check out


Westin Yancey lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the Midwest he specializes in Warm-Water Fishing. Being born in Kansas Hunting is also in my blood. You give me a good dog and a shotgun and I will walk the soles off of my shoes. It has been a great inspiration to move to Oregon and experience the beauty it has to offer. Follow me in my journey hunting and fishing the PNW.


  1. I love bow fishing, but you shouldn't be shooting gar that small. Let them grow. It is way more fun if you have a high chance of getting a monster.

  2. Lake Monticello Georgia. Power plant gives it away

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  4. what kinds of bows were those?

  5. thats alot of gar lol

  6. looks like fun, i bow hunt also, wut do u guys do wit all those fish u waste em or do u eat em

  7. Awesome. Let's see some more in that AirRanger!

  8. Good job. All Gars should be stuck with an arrow. That's a bunch of fish sticks

  9. Wow…Nice clip
    That's the real Bowfishing …

  10. Good times

  11. Looks like super fun! Good job guys! Honey hole innnndeeeed!

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