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Reality Survival Digest (RSD) Episode 1: Ka...

Jan 06, 20178 Comments

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Winter Survival: Best Way To Build A Fire I...

Dec 29, 201611 Comments

This winter survival tip shows the best way to start a fire when there is snow on the ground. This method can be used in

Wilderness Survival Tips: A Few Uses For Sa...

Sep 14, 20168 Comments

This video shows a couple of wilderness survival uses for sage brush. The bark of older plants can be used as tinder. The sticks and

How Much Water Should You Carry In Your Bug...

Sep 13, 201628 Comments

This video was spurred by a question from a viewer in the comments. It talks about How much water you should carry in a bug

Super Easy Hiking Tip #5

Aug 30, 20168 Comments

This is a super easy tip for when you are out hiking so that you can easily find out how much you have time left

Hiking Tip #4: What you need to know about ...

Aug 24, 20165 Comments

This video talks about Altitude Mountain Sickness and some of the signs and symptoms of it and the way to help reduce the symptoms as

How To Use A Parabolic Reflector To Start A...

Aug 10, 201616 Comments

This wilderness survival tip shows how to use a Parabolic Reflector to start a fire. I got this lil reflector in the Apocabox a few

How To Build A Fire In 10 Easy Steps! Anima...

Dec 06, 2015No Comments

This short animation was a project for a motion graphics class I took this semester. It shows the ten basic steps to building a fire.

The NEW Tops Longhorn Bowie Survival Knife ...

Jul 17, 2015No Comments

For more information on the Tops Longhorn Bowie knife with Black River Wash finish and Rocky Mountain Tread Micarta scales click here: to go

The Truth About Water Purification In A Wil...

Jul 16, 2015No Comments

In this video Dr. Anja Whittington teaches us about water purification in a wilderness survival situation. She covers four great ways to make drinking water

Survival Kit Gear. How To Choose What You R...

Jul 15, 2015No Comments

This is a video that was originally done as a collaboration with Chris From PreparedMind101. You can subscribe to Chris at: This video describes

Survival Skills: How To Get Water From A Wi...

Jul 14, 2015No Comments

This video shows one technique for getting fresh drinking water from a wild grape vine. Being able to get fresh drinking water in a wilderness