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Keep Schools of Bass Going By Staying on the Same Lineup

Finding schools of feeding bass is not always hard to do, but making the right cast, triggering them to start feeding and biting artificial lures and keeping them biting is another subject entirely.

In bass fishing, the right cast is maybe the most important part of fishing and maybe one of the most overlooked parts of fishing for bass out deep. And then catching better quality out of schools of bass out deep can often be about the right bait presentation, angle and speed.

Walker used Greenfish Tackle 3/4-ounce Football Jigs ( with Zoom Z-Craw trailers (, Scottsboro Tackle Company 6-inch swimbaits on 1-ounce VMC Flats Swim Heads ( to catch some nice bass off of one school out deep in 20 feet of water on Kentucky Lake.

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Westin Yancey lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the Midwest he specializes in Warm-Water Fishing. Being born in Kansas Hunting is also in my blood. You give me a good dog and a shotgun and I will walk the soles off of my shoes. It has been a great inspiration to move to Oregon and experience the beauty it has to offer. Follow me in my journey hunting and fishing the PNW.


  1. At 2:30 he talks about spinning the boat around and using the cursor extension to point at the school. I don't get it. I've found the cursor extension to be nearly worthless at slow forward speeds (as when "spinning the boat around"). The cursor extension just doesn't react fast enough at slow speeds to be useful, in my experience. So, am I missing something? I ask because I'd really like to be able to use my cursor extension at slow speeds to position and aim the boat. I'm using a Lowrance Elite 7 DHI. Thanks for any explanation or advice you have for me.

  2. what was that big swim bait?

  3. thanx!

  4. I like to trigger offshore bass by using non-unisex pronouns.

  5. This is my favorite time of the year to fish. I love big lures, electronics, and deep schools of bass.

  6. At this point they probably have rods provided to them by a company looking to advertise their products.

  7. Fishing at its finest

  8. was this area around paris marina? or big sand river?

  9. Nice video, liked

  10. With all the rods on the deck….do you ever find yourself stepping on them and possibly damaging them? Especially with 2 guys up there.

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