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Jim Baird

Bear Trouble – Côte Nord Adventure E...

Jun 21, 2017No Comments

Tori and I make pancakes for breakfast at a nice site the morning after we finished the big carry. After leaving, I remembered I’d left my beautiful bone handled Bowie knife back at camp, just before it

Lac Fonteneau – Côte Nord Adventure ...

May 30, 2017No Comments

The trip is under way, and we’re paddling the length of the long and remote Lac Fonteneau, the headwater of the East Natashquan River. In this video, I go over ways to stay out of big waves,

The Big Carry – Cote Nord Adventure E...

May 23, 2017No Comments

After making it up the steep hill that’s strewn with downed, bunt trees, we finally found the ancient portage trail. he trail skirts the second large rapid-filled canyon on the East Natashquan River and much of it

Canyon Run – Côte Nord Adventure Ep....

May 16, 2017No Comments

After spending the night in a not so great campsite. We pushed off to tackle 4-kilometers of consistent rapids that run through a deep canyon on the East Natashquan River. The rapids are a lot of fun!

Heavy Rain – Côte Nord Adventure Ep....

May 09, 2017No Comments

In this video We deal with some heavy rain while on our canoe trip down the Natashquan River, and I share some tips on being prepaired for rising water levels. To see the previous video in this

Sometimes There’s A Cabin – Cô...

May 02, 2017No Comments

In this episode, Tori Buck and I are in Labrador and we hear a pack of wolves howling close by as we load our canoe. We soon enter the East Natashquan and are the second canoe to

Henry Arms US Survival AR-7 .22 LR Rifle Re...

Apr 25, 2017No Comments

While camping in my canvas tent in the great white north, I give a run through on one of the most packable fire arms on the market, the Henry Arms US Survival .22 LR. One of the

Arapuka Bird Trap With Ted Baird

Apr 18, 2017No Comments

My brother Ted and I went out into the bush to practice making a couple primitive traps. In this video, my brother builds what we’ve seen called an Arapuka Bird Trap. The trap as seen here has

Smart Dog Meets Canoeists at End of Rapids

Apr 11, 2017No Comments

I bring my dog Buck along on a lot of whitewater canoe trips. We run most class 1 and 2 rapids with him in the boat or on top of the spraydeck. For longer and tougher rapids

Shotguns & Whitewater – Côte No...

Apr 04, 2017No Comments

It was a drizzly and wet day as we slowly said good by to the awesome wilderness we came across. As we were loading the canoe, I went through a few steps on how I pack my

How-To Set A Springing Net Trap (part 2)

Mar 28, 2017No Comments

On an unseasonably warm winter day my brother Ted and I practiced making and setting some primitive traps. We call this one the Springing Net Trap and it’s meant for catching birds. Some birds, including Grouse, do

How To Strap A Canoe To A Float Plane ̵...

Mar 21, 2017No Comments

In this episode, Tori, Buck, and I tie off all loose ends before we head into the wilderness. We watched as Labrador Air Safari expertly straps our canoe to the struts of the De Havilland Beaver for