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Creepy Snapping Turtle Underwater

May 09, 2015No Comments

Spotted this snapping turtle while fishing and it wasn't camera shy! rated: viewed:8347 source

How to Get Good at Pitching for Bass

May 08, 2015No Comments

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Giant Catfish While Crappie Fishing

May 07, 2015No Comments

My buddy Rick and I were catching some crappie and bass offshore when I thought I was hung on the bottom. After trying to pluck

How to Spool Up Your Spinning Reel Tangle F...

May 06, 2015No Comments

Here is how I like to put fishing line onto my spinning reels to get the least amount of line twists as possible. I use

Spinnerbait Slow Rolling for Bass in Cold W...

May 05, 2015No Comments

Spinnerbaits are one of my favorite baits for cold water bass around cover. With a slow retrieve, often referred to as "slow rolling" you can

Winter Bass Fishing Tips for Ledges

May 04, 2015No Comments

Winter bass fishing ledges can be a productive pattern. Here I am using spoons and blade baits to work down the wall in a stair

Winter Bass Fishing Offshore with Kayaks

May 03, 2015No Comments

LakeForkGuy Fishing TV Episode 1 LINKSCheck out more footage from the schooling bass on one tree!… SUMMARYTo start the year off we went to one

3 Bass Chasing 1 Lure

May 02, 2015No Comments

Sometimes you get multiple fish chasing your lure to the boat. If you are lucky, you can sometimes get the others to bite too! I

What is LakeForkGuy Fishing TV?

May 01, 2015No Comments

Welcome to the LAKEFORKGUY channel!Join me every week as we head out to the water and to the work bench to explore the world of

How to Catch Pre Spawn Bass on Blades and S...

Apr 30, 2015No Comments

Here are the links for things mentioned in this video:Full Length Doubled Up Moment… Article on Fishing Blade Baits… LakeForkGuy Fishing TV Ep. 1

Finding Bass Offshore in the Pre Spawn

Apr 29, 2015No Comments

LFG Got a Facebook Page Now! 3 Bass Chasing 1 Lure… Detailed Tips on How to Fish Blades and Spoons… Sometimes the shallow bite can

How to Find Big Bass on the Best Stumps

Apr 28, 2015No Comments

LFG Got a Facebook Page Now! 3 Bass Chasing 1 Lure… LakeForkGuy Fishing TV- Finding Bass Offshore in the Prespawn… Sometimes the shallow bite can