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Introducing the Double Spoon Rig for Bass F...

Jun 21, 20175 Comments

Jeff Kriet grew tired of the limited castability of flutter spoons and now uses a double spoon rig. It allows for maximum castability, increased flutter

Keep Schools of Bass Going By Staying on th...

Jun 04, 201710 Comments

Finding schools of feeding bass is not always hard to do, but making the right cast, triggering them to start feeding and biting artificial lures

The Full Story on Keeping Bass Alive in a L...

Jun 03, 201732 Comments

Jon Henry is passionate about taking care of his fishery and the bass. He wants more people to be educated on how to keep bass

Target Shadow Lines for Topwater Success

Jun 02, 20177 Comments

In fishing, there’s structure and cover, but shade can hold fish as well as either at times. Bass feed easier and more readily in environments

How to Ice Fish Bass With Crankbaits

Jun 01, 201719 Comments

Bass are attracted to the profile, sound and vibration emitted by lipless crankbaits when ice fishing. Our underwater camera captured a huge school of bass

How to Set Anti-Backlash Settings on Baitca...

May 31, 20179 Comments

Skipping with casting reels is the right way to deliver a lot of lures to the sweet spot (over spinning), but how to contend with

What came out of that fish?!?!

May 30, 20178 Comments

Fletcher ran into an unexpected surprise the final day of the bassmaster elite event on lake okeechobee. ********CLICK TackleWarehouse Links to go to Setups********* Reel

How to Select and Fish Topwater Lures in Wi...

May 30, 20176 Comments

Topwater lures can actually lead to some of the best bass fishing in wind and waves and foul weather. Lure attributes like sound, flash and

How to Setup Side Scanning on your Fishfind...

May 25, 20172 Comments

Here’s a short video on some quick and easy ways to improve your fish finder’s side scanning readout. Lowrance Electronics:

Glide Bait Fishing Bass: A Beginner’s...

May 24, 201721 Comments

This video is a must-watch to get up and running with this sophisticated yet simple and fun to fish lure category. Glide baits are essentially

Fishing Jerkbaits for Clearwater Smallmouth...

May 23, 201714 Comments

Ryan DeChaine presents a killer video on fishing jerkbaits for clearwater smallmouths. So many great tips and visual fish catches in this lengthy how-to video.

Target Spotted Bass With Finesse Swimbaits

May 22, 201713 Comments

Here’s an informative spotted bass tip from John Crews on how to catch spotted bass in clear water, but it works equally well for smallmouth