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How to Set Anti-Backlash Settings on Baitcasting Reels

Skipping with casting reels is the right way to deliver a lot of lures to the sweet spot (over spinning), but how to contend with those annoying backlashes or “professional overruns” as they’re often referred? Elites Series pro Brandon Palaniuk shows you how to adjust the tension dial and magnetic brake to minimize or eliminate the problem. All baitcasting reels have a tension dial and many also have a magnetic brake for refinement, and each has a setting placement that’s ideal based on the weight of lure being fished. These aren’t static settings – they should be changed often when swapping out lures, and Brandon shows how easy it is to adjust to perfection.

Equipment Used:

-Cabela’s Arachnid™ Baitcasting Reel:
-Alpha Angler Zilla – 7’3″ Medium Heavy, Fast:

Westin Yancey lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the Midwest he specializes in Warm-Water Fishing. Being born in Kansas Hunting is also in my blood. You give me a good dog and a shotgun and I will walk the soles off of my shoes. It has been a great inspiration to move to Oregon and experience the beauty it has to offer. Follow me in my journey hunting and fishing the PNW.


  1. I find it hard to believe that he uses spool tension on his reels. Unless he is throwing big swimbaits or a really light lure on rod and line that dont cast it well there is no reason to.

  2. Once you dial in your settings, bait casters are just about as safe as spinning gear…

  3. I backlash the toilet paper roll

  4. Not sponsored by abu anymore.

  5. That reel is literally a Tatula..

  6. I've always heard the opposite. The centrifugal brakes will have the greatest potential to slow the spool at the beginning of the cast as that is when it is spinning the fastest. The spool tension applies an even pressure throughout the entire cast so you need to tweak it so that the spool tension is decelerating the spool at the same rate at which the lure is decelerating due to air resistance.

  7. its the opposite. tension knob is towards the end of the cast

  8. Awesome tip

  9. Great info. This is very important if you are looking to get long casts.
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