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How To Plant Food Plots Easier, Cheaper, Better!

June 3, 2017

Better Food Plots from an all-round recipe for food plot success with tips that will reduce cost, increase soil fertility, lower soil temperature, and reduce moisture loss! Plus a comparison of different planting methods and how to determine when a change is needed!
Hunting and food plot products shown in this video:
Howes Meaner Power Kleaner,
The Genesis Drill & Goliath Crimper,
Trophy Rock,
Drake Non-Typical Clothing,
Eagle Seed Forage Soybeans & Broadside,
Lacrosse boots,



  1. It is hungry, naked and running a fever

  2. Enjoyed the video Growingdeer

  3. love the show. i always learn something new every weekend. do they make the goliath crimper where you can attach it to your loader on tractor? that way you only need one tractor.

  4. Thanks as always for great content! I look forward to food plot videos and deer videos every week. Would you consider making a video specifically on products you use? From herbicides, seed, fertilizer, additives, anything and everything that you all use to have such great success. Oh, and where to get it from. Thanks again, Daniel in NC

  5. fun to watch food plot videos. One thing i have noticed is that here in Northern Ontario, my deer heard will not touch fall rye and wheat. Clover and turnips is where it is at for me. i do plant buckwheat in a rotation though as i have 2 small plots. With a short growing season, it is also hard to get 2 crops down. Spring plant is usually June 1st (yep right now) and late would be August 1st.

    Enjoy your video guys and gals. Keep them coming!!

  6. I enjoy the Growing Deer food plot videos!…What is the perfect mix of cereal rye to broadside that you guys are using to get such great results on the rye cover crop? Thanks guys!

  7. I learn so much about hunting from y'all and it really helps me out. All of your food plot techniques make a lot of sense and I'm sure they will work in our plots. Thanks!

  8. the deer here in vt are growin small velvet antlers wait to see what we have here after the changes we made for this season

  9. Do you use an electric fence to protect the beans?

  10. hey grant who is the different host or narratorbof the show

  11. great job on narrating the video Daniel getting really good at it!! And great tips guys!!

  12. For those who may not have the money to purchase a Goliath and Genesis, what can they use for similar results? Thanks for all the help you're giving to so many. God Bless!

  13. Hi Mr. Grant Wood, that was a nice video.. My Mom went last Wednesday to the dictor. And this wednesday may 31, 2017 she got not good news about the spot on her right lung. It has caner in it the spot. My Mom of 81 said that she will not have surg and no kemo too. She will see the dictor this wednesday june 7, 2017 and see what she can do. She has the slow kind of cancer. She did say that she will live out her time then with out nothing done. its is her chose. We need a big Prayer for my Family too. God Bless you and your family. Take care and stay safe. Ps its good talking to you. thank you.

  14. Great video! Love you guys!

  15. Does eagle seed have a website if so can you order seeds and have them delivered

  16. Another great video trying to help out other hunters!! Thank you so much! Keep up the amazing work.

  17. Great job guys. Cya next week

  18. I love your vids

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