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Glide Bait Fishing Bass: A Beginner’s Guide

This video is a must-watch to get up and running with this sophisticated yet simple and fun to fish lure category. Glide baits are essentially large-profiled jerkbaits that when worked properly, have a repetitive side-to-side motion that triggers a feeding instinct in the largest of bass. There’s a lot a theory out there on how to work these beautiful lures, but the guidance provided in this video instills a confidence that you can take to the water and be successfully up and running with no prior experience.

Featured Equipment:
-Megabass I-Slide 185:
-Megabass Orochi XX 8′ Leviathan Casting Rod:
-Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon 20lb:
-Shimano Curado 300 E Casting Reel:

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Westin Yancey lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the Midwest he specializes in Warm-Water Fishing. Being born in Kansas Hunting is also in my blood. You give me a good dog and a shotgun and I will walk the soles off of my shoes. It has been a great inspiration to move to Oregon and experience the beauty it has to offer. Follow me in my journey hunting and fishing the PNW.


  1. I haven't really seen a baitfish slowly lumbering side to side either but I get the point. ; ) Keep em coming Chris.

  2. this is a great video, lot of good info here

  3. I just started using swim bait lures very similar to these and have had reasonable luck with them. My next swim bait lures Im going to try are the jbg00ds live strike fishing lures. Theyre damned natural, you can get them without or with Owner trebles.   

    If you want the their page, just google jbg00ds Live Strike Lures

  4. Great vid as always. I too never understood why people say when the bait does a 180, bass cant stand it. Thats the most ridiculous marketing pitch for these glide baits. You'll never see a shad or a bluegill do a 180 on a bass, unless it already got half eaten.

  5. how do you get your hooks to lay back like that and stay in place

  6. Finally: someone who thinks like me about glide baits! 🙂 I only use the reel too. If you use the rod to twitch it's easy to twitch more than you should and the hooks will catch the line… The bait can move unnaturally too. I usually reel steadily and slow, specially in colder water, and then I do some quick 1/4 or 1/2 turns of the reel handle to make it change direction and glide. If I want it to glide more I'll give some slack by moving the rod/reel forward just a bit. In the summer I'm doing the quick reel handle turns almost all the time and do less steady retrieves. While I fish it I always have my rod in a horizontal position and pointed at the bait while holding the rod handle under my arm/armpit, so I have more power to set the hook. That way I'm always ready to set the hook with a sweeping motion to the side while I rotate my body to the side at the same time. About the fish turning to face the bass: I don't agree with that too! Prey don't do that. Bass strike a glide bait when it does that because it changes direction like a baitfish trying to escape! And that triggers a reaction from the bass because it doesn't want it to escape! It's like when you play with a cat: you're moving something away from the cat and he stares at it… When you suddenly move it quickly away he attacks it quickly! It's their instinct. So, with a nice and quick glide to the side you can have the same or better results than when you make the lure "face the bass".

  7. Cool vid btw I'm a sub, keep the good work coming, looking forward to more vids


  9. I just have a hard time buying the 110(jerk bait) at $25! I would cry so hard if i lost this bait!!1

  10. Nice I love this video

  11. Great info. I've fishing soft plastic swimbaits for a while and I'm getting into the glides this year.

  12. hmm. Invisx? I bought 20 AbrasX after reading a Butch Brown article 🙁 Hope it works for me this spring!! Yaay! 😀

  13. What kind of ratio would be the best for glide baits

  14. Love the video! You got me pumped to order one of these asap! What trout color and sink rate were you using? Thanks

  15. Out here in the West, Largemouth Bass bite just about anything that's moving, and will fit in their mouth. I like the action of that lure but I'v owned large aquariums with Bass and they are a lot less inclined to bite a smaller fish that looks like one of their own (baby Bass). I would like to see this lure shaped into a a more appropriate skinny minnow. There should also be padding in the split to prevent any clacking sounds coming from the body action.

  16. us east coast guys have been throwing these baits for years at stripers for years. I been tossing a big glide bait at largemouth for the last few years in early spring and late fall hold on! my son is now a believer!

  17. Man I love these swimbait videos. #southerntrouteaters

  18. great tips, thumbs up

  19. what color will be good for southern Minnesota?

  20. More vids like this!

  21. Hi

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