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Flagging Can Be a Beautiful Thing

May 16, 2017No Comments

Flagging can be a beautiful thing, if you know what you’re looking at. This is why reading a dog is so important. He’s talking to

Higgins Gundog Taining 5/8/17

May 10, 2017No Comments

Lisa Durand of Glacier Griffons stopped by for a couple of days of training. Her dog Lies, is a one year old Griffon imported from

Stella Planting Birds

Apr 28, 20171 Comment

I asked Stella to help me plant birds for the morning training hunt…………………….What we have here is a failure to communicate. source

Shooting Over Steady Higgins Gundogs

Apr 19, 2017No Comments

I went through some past video footage I taped while hunting and training and pulled out some wingshooting clips. Steady dogs sure make shooting a

Carlos Joins the Hunt

Oct 10, 2016No Comments

I think I invented a new sport, similar to falconry but using a raven. We’ll call it “Ravenry”. With the Higgins method of training, even

Beginning the Steadiness Process

Oct 07, 2016No Comments

This is Deva, our new 4 month old Pointer pup. This is her first steadiness session on the checkcord (basically the beginning of her Magic

Presenting the Bird to the Guns

Sep 25, 2016No Comments

I made a deal with the dogs. I’ll let you do what you have always wanted to do, flush the bird. But, in return, you

Higgins Gundogs Presents: “Be The Dog...

Sep 22, 2016No Comments

Here is a video showing how I train handlers. Because I create human and dog hunting teams, it’s important that each member understand their role

A New Strategy For Success, The Flush-Stop ...

Sep 19, 2016No Comments

This is Griffonpoint W’ Moose learning the Flush/Stop cue. What we want here is an aggressive flush followed by an immediate stop-to- flush. This is

Lab Pointing His Bird

Sep 16, 2016No Comments

Here is Jax, a nice young Lab pointing his bird this weekend. Reagan is the shooter. When it comes to dogs (like Labs) that have

Andie Mann Returns

Sep 13, 20161 Comment

Andie Mann came out this week for a couple of days of training. I worked with Andie in the past but had not seen her

Managing Training Birds

Sep 03, 2016No Comments

Here I’m checking on some of our released coveys of partridge. This is where we practice a different aspect of my training method. What I