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Bowhunt or Die – Season 3 Episode 23: Food Plot Payoff

Join us for some great late season bowhunting action! Franki Clark continues to hunt hard despite a challenging season and finally connects on a great buck over one of his Heartland Wildlife Institute food plots. Jeff Kaye finishes out a tough season with his first deer of the year, and Troy Spolum has a close encounter with a wiley coyote. As always, the best bowhunting video action is right here on Bowhunt or Die!



  1. You got the best camo paint job of all the hunters I've seen on these hunting shows. None-the-less, places for improvement, – the nose, and around the eyes. Need more camo paint.

  2. Great shot my man. Beatiful arrow flight. The shot sounded like someone blowing a dart out of a blow gun. Super quite, and well tuned. That deer didn't notice anything until that arrow hit him.

  3. Troy ur facepaint is on point

  4. Thanks! We enjoy bringing y'all episodes. We really enjoy what we do and appreciate your support.

  5. best hunting show on the web……..

  6. Take things slow. Don't rush into anything you can't handle when first starting out. Do your research on the type of weapon that will work best for you and just have fun with it! If you have more specific questions, check out our website and there is a forum there that you can connect with hunters all around the globe.

  7. I plan on getting into bow hunting later this year, I've never hunted in my life before. I'm going for Safety Courses next month to hopefully pick up my you have any tips on hunting for a newbie such as myself

  8. Thanks so much and congrats on your buck! If you go to our website you can submit your trophy photo and possibly be shown at the end of one of our episodes. Good luck to you also.

  9. Awesome buck I scored a 140 on my buck this year out of sonoita arizona I love the show. And its good to see young guys keeping this sport alive great kill and good luck in the future bow hunt or die

  10. Cool

  11. The Killzone has for sure been a very reliable broadhead for the team this season. Good luck with all your hunts and keep us posted. Don't forget you can submit your trophy pics to us through the website and you could possibly be shown on an episode.

  12. I just bought a set of 125 grain Jak Hammer Broadheads to try out, they have 3 blades that drill a 2 inch hole through your prey. Sounds good I will have to try them out. But you seem to have good luck with the Killzone.

  13. Yup, most of the guys shot the NAP Killzone this last season.

  14. Sorry, I didn't know that "Killzone" was the name of an arrow point. Nice shooting!

  15. What mechanical points do you use

  16. Yes he did. Hopefully with the next season, more of the team will have some coyote hunts that we can share with ya'll.

  17. Ya'll could use some more time at the range. I like to shoot at 60 yards, all the time. If I can keep a nice tight group at 60, 30 and 40 is nothing. Better to have a spot on shot then off the vitals.

  18. Smacked that coyote.

  19. What a wicked hit on that coyote. Great episode..

  20. you guys have the best bowhunting videos online!!!! cant wait till next week! keep up the good work

  21. Another good vid…

  22. I still love how after he shot him, he was talking so quiet… gotta love it!

  23. Thanks so much guys! We really appreciate ya'll stickin' with us through the ATA and waiting for this latest episode to come out. Like Todd and Justin said, be sure to check back next week for our last episode of Season 3!

  24. Great episode thanks

  25. finally an episode and not just those random product reviews

  26. Another awesome episode guys!! Yall rock!! 🙂

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