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Bowhunt or Die Season 06 Episode 20: Wide Load

Todd Graf continues to hunt hard and move stand locations before catching up with a super wide buck that moved into his farm. Josh Fletcher bowhunts Wisconsin and finally has an opportunity to put a shot on a great whitetail. We also get an update from Tim Conley who shows off some fancy camera work down in Southern Indiana.
As always the very best real world bowhunting video action is right here on Bowhunt or Die!



  1. Awesome show. You do keep it real. Thanks. My only criticism is Josh shooting a quartering too animal and thinking in any way it could be a "perfect shot". I really don't think a quartering to shot is smart.

  2. That was AWESOME footage on Wide Load's final moments. Wow.

  3. I notice you guys use stealth cam game cameras. That's what I'm using as well. Quick question.

    Have you guys ever had any issues with range on any of yours? Seems as though my camera only takes pictures when a deer is within 10 feet.

    Love the show!

    – Michael

  4. What was the measurement on STD?

  5. Cant wait till the 2016 season!

  6. Are u kidding me, I don't have a doe bedding area but I was like I do have a corn feeder lmao and a funnel I do have its in a nice ravene coming from a swamp this is gonna be my first year hunting the rut and I'm excited already I love ur videos and I look forward to watching more thanks for the tip

  7. It's amazing how far they can go on one lung, I shot a five year old buck strait on in then jugular at 340 yards. Hit the jugular took out one lung high and broke a shoulder and that deer went 400 yards and crossed a river

  8. That buck looks just like one that we've had on camera the past 2 years on public land! short tines and about a 20 inch spread, hes a 9 as well!

  9. HEY!!! they dont sell steer tags! im calling the DNR! hahahahah!

  10. that deer was a moose wanna be

  11. Always enjoy the show guys !

  12. I know how Josh feels, big time! I had a shot that I thought was good, behind the shoulder, close, heart shot??!! But buck was too close like Josh's, blood on arrow, tip to tip, tracked for hundreds of yards and gone… Buck of my lifetime so far, come and gone, live and learn

  13. You guys do a great job and are always fun and informative to watch. Question – do you ever feature crossbow hunters? I've been following your channel about a year now and can't remember seeing any crossbow hunters. I use one due to a shoulder injury sustained while serving in the Army. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  14. 38:30, I'm assuming that was a drone shot?? very cool! I want one..

  15. Shot my first buck Saturday at 7:13 am. Dropped in his tracks! Used my Hoyt ignite. I am so thankful to have harvested him! Good luck this season men!

  16. What does it take to join the team haha

  17. keep them coming guys! this is by far the best hunting show so far! congrats Todd on your studd of a buck!

  18. how come you don't have any Michigan hunts

  19. Great hunt! Never did hear how wide that buck was? looks like it could be at least 26"….

  20. What's a good recording camera for hunting videos for pretty cheap?

  21. How much did STD weigh?

  22. The buck you let go free from being locked together was the one you killed Todd

  23. I wish the big bucks would show up. I have seen at least three little bucks every hunt . Got pictures of 9 bucks that I would shoot on a 200 acre farm. I have seen only one of them my hole season and I put in a lot of hours. We know there is big bucks on my farm. Just can't get on any of them.

  24. Congratulations Todd on your moose. Great looking animal.

  25. thank you guys for making these videos. Even though they don't get a ton of views and likes,you can bet this guy appreciates your guys hard work.

  26. Great Job Todd!!! Great Shot!!! That No Cam looks sweet

  27. Todd, I just turned 46, and I just had to buy my first pair of glasses as I am now near sighted. You are still a young buck. Great shot on that deer.

  28. When your shooting from a higher ground aim high. when your low aim low = profit/ meat in the freezer

  29. Also Todd, what age was that buck? was he 3.5 or 4.5? he looks 3.5 but could also be 4.5. great buck either way but holy cow. what if he was 3.5 and he grew 2 more years!

  30. Wow the commitment Todd just showed for his fans was incredible. To go full draw and have a perfect shot with the deer looking at you and refuse to fire until you have the deer in frame. That was crazy to see you lean forward to push the camera to get him in frame. AWESOME MAN! My exact words were when i see you hesitate were" naw, he aint really thinking about moving the camera, no way! he's goin for it!." then you still pull off a great shot.

  31. You guys need a pro staffer in WV?

  32. Any personal recommendations on a quality stand? (crawler)

  33. Great buck Graff. You sure got a ton of great footage of him. There's a lot to be learned from Josh's hunt. Unfortunately, he didn't find his deer. It's good to see some Minnesota bucks in the trophy photos!

  34. crazy i just lost a doe do to a low single lung shot =[ trailed it for hours and lost the trail eventually </3

  35. Hey Todd, doesn't look like you ever found your arrow but when the buck stopped the first time and started wobbling around if you look right there in the video it looks like your arrow is over there.

  36. When I die I'm going to be buried at my hunting spot, 6 feet deep so I can be let down there one last time.

  37. seeing your bow makes me jelly lol. i dont have one anymore!

  38. I just love this show, although i should be in the stand instead of watching this.

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