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Bear Trouble – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 10

Tori and I make pancakes for breakfast at a nice site the morning after we finished the big carry. After leaving, I remembered I’d left my beautiful bone handled Bowie knife back at camp, just before it was to late to go back. What a relief. Soon, strong current carried us through many large bends of an antecedent river as we looked up at the large mountain tops that surrounded us. The bends in the river show that, this part of the East Natashquan is and ancient river and predates the surrounding mountains. Soon, the relaxing feeling we had in the strong current gave way to tough paddling into headwinds but we finally made it out of the East Natashquan and onto the main branch of the Natashquan. Later that evening, while camped on a sand bar, we heard what seemed like a bear in the bushes. Just after dark, a Black Bear burst out of the bush and onto our sand bar. Buck immediately charged barked it and scared the hell out of it. The bear 180ed and I fired a bear banger at it. Buck came back to the camp fire and I shouted to make more noise as I heard the bear leaving back through the woods. Tori didn’t sleep all that well that night. As we packed up camp the next morning we saw the bear walking along the opposite side of the river.

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Westin Yancey lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the Midwest he specializes in Warm-Water Fishing. Being born in Kansas Hunting is also in my blood. You give me a good dog and a shotgun and I will walk the soles off of my shoes. It has been a great inspiration to move to Oregon and experience the beauty it has to offer. Follow me in my journey hunting and fishing the PNW.

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